Day 5

What a great day! We are all so thankful Roger and Mary Berry! Amazing hosts to our chaotic clan. It was an incredible day. The weather started raining, cool, and cloudy. But the clouds coming over the glorious mountains were unreal. It was not a typical cloudy Chicago day. They morphed their way from peak to peak and each time I looked up the sky was different. And each time the sky was stunning. As nice as it was to look at, the rain made it really crappy to hike in. Mary drove us to the Black Canyon of Gunnison, the deepest, steepest, narrowest canyon in all the land, and we stopped at a few pull-offs and the visitor center. We didn’t do much hiking, but each stop was really gorgeous. I’m anxious to compare this canyon with the Grand Canyon, which now has a lot to live up to.

DSCF2352 (Large)

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Going back to yesterday, we were chatting with a ranger at Rocky Mountain and told her we were heading here to Montrose. She immediately perked up, stopped talking about elk antlers, and said we MUST go to the Russell Stover factory and outlet. I mentioned that we were going to be doing the Black Canyon National Park. She said that the Park is nice, but the chocolate factory is a must! Well, given our short visit at the canyon, we were able to find the time to explore the Russell Stover outlet. And oh my!! What an adventure that was. I could tell you about the expired chocolate for sale at a steep discount from every holiday in the last 12 months, or tell you about the Jesus candy bars, or the 3 pound box of assorted bloopers for only $13 (we got one!), but, like that mountain we hiked, there aren’t words to describe it.




The Berrys are buildingย a home outย here and we got to visit it. The land, the house, the mountain backdrop, the 360 degree view from their reading nook is perfect. Zak has been talking about moving out here for the last 4 days, and seeing their property only made him more eager.

DSCF2365 (Large)
Their new home peeking about the trees.

DSCF2366 (Large)

We ended our visit at a great brewery with awesome food and beer, but better company. There aren’t enough words of thanks I could give Mary and Roger for letting us invade.

A very intense game of that connect the dot, make a square, write your initial game. Ellie won, but we think she may have cheated a bit.

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  1. The Berrys, good beer, and a Jesus bar – it was bound to be a great day. My love to Mary and Roger and Frances.

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