Day 2

Whew! What a day! It started with a quick four hour drive into Rocky Mountain National Park. We found our way to Bear Lake and completed a nice hike to Emerald Lake. I keep telling the girls to write about “small moments” on this blog, but I can’t possibly follow that direction myself. The moments followed one after another.

DSCF2205 (Large)


There was the time Zoe slipped on a snow bank, landed on her rear in a muddy puddle, and stumbled up laughing. I lost my balance when she went down and fell down a few feet of the snowy hill too. We laughed so hard.

DSCF2217 (Large)

There was our fearless leader Ellie. She led a lot of the hike, constantly shouting advice back to the rest of us. “Watch out for the puddle.” “Big rock on the right.” “Be careful on this part.”

DSCF2221 (Large)

There was the picnic of cheeses and meats at the edge of Dream Lake. What a dream that was. The mountains as the backdrop. The snow capped peaks surrounding us. The twizzlers for dessert.

DSCF2198 (Large)

There was Ellie discovering an ant colony unlike anyone I’d ever seen. Then going into great detail about how they were all working together. I didn’t know she knew so much about ants!

DSCF2247 (Large)

There was glancing at Zak, seeing him so happy, so content, so at home, and at peace.

DSCF2240 (Large)

DSCF2222 (Large)

There were elk! And cool birds!

DSCF2251 (Large)

DSCF2229 (Large)


There was so much beauty. We were so focused on our footing that we would often look up and our breath would be taken away by the beauty.

DSCF2197 (Large)

DSCF2201 (Large)

DSCF2246 (Large)

DSCF2235 (Large)

DSCF2206 (Large)

There was ourΒ exhausted clan finding a dive bar in Estes and ordering pizza from a few blocks down to be delivered right to our table in the bar.


Then there was this too.

DSCF2239 (Large)




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