Days 47 and 48: Durango

We did not choose the location of CO home because of Durango, even though it’s the closest “big” city. In fact, we had never even been until the night we put the offer in on the lot. And yet, I can see why people would settle in this area just because of Durango. What a […]

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The day I explored Durango

Today we woke up in a tent then drove to Durango. We went to a cute little coffee shop were we had coffee. My parents went out to find a builder and left Zoe and I with a twenty dollar bill. We walked around a bit and found a shop were we got matching rings. […]

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The day I camped

Today we woke up in tents and got out of them to drink Coco aka hot coco. I had a mug of it then got in the car and drove to ABC cafe aka absolutely bakery and cafe. I had a awesome breakfast sandwich. Then we drove to our hotel for the night were me […]

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The day I had Moose and more

Today we slept in a bit then drove to CO home. We walked around and explored. At the mesa verda visitor center we saw 5 pieces of sage for 20 DOLLARS and we have millions of pieces of it for free. Well exploring we found bones and pottery shards. We also found a spot for […]

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High, higher than the sunYou shoot me from a gunI need you to elevate me here U2 At least a little bit of elevation today, anyway! Before we get there though I need to backtrack a bit to yesterday and our arrival in Durango. We camped Monday night at CO Home, so woke up and […]

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