Wake Me Up

I can’t tell where the journey will endBut I know where to start Avicii Today was a perfect quintessential National Park day. We set an alarm for 5:45 so that we could both get on the road and make reservations at Zion for next year. This road trip stuff takes a lot of planning! Even […]

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Going to Mount St. Helens

This morning we woke up early and booked a hotel room in Zion for in a year. Our destination for the day was Mount St. Helen’s. After we waited an hour for the bathroom to open. We started off on the trail. The hike was beautiful there were views of the volcano the whole home. […]

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Day 25: Mount St. Helens

I can’t even begin to explain how good it felt to be back on the trail. We did a solid 10 miles today sandwiched between two 3 hour drives. And what a great day it was. We woke up early and spent the next hour futzing on our phones with the hope of scoring reservations […]

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