The day I went to Mesa Verde

Before I start I have to say I went to one of the best restaurants ever It is called Denny’s that is D-E-N-N-Y-‘-S. They have breakfast 24/7. You must try it. Anyway when we I woke up I was in a tent with my mom. We got dressed then started to hitch hike down the […]

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Imagine all the people John Lennon We spent today at Mesa Verde NP, just a few miles from CO home. Zoe and I woke up early, 5:30, to pick up Ellie and Molly who had spent the night in the tent. From the entrance of Mesa Verde it was a 45ish minute drive to the […]

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Going to Mesa Verde

Last night my mom and sister went camping so my dad and I were at the hotel. We woke up at 5:30 got breakfast and picked up Ellie and my mom. Out first tour was off oak tree house. We had an amazing ranger who was very informative and talked a lot a lot about […]

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Day 45: Mesa Verde

My day started in a tent and ended with late night pancakes at Denny’s. I’m officially questioning everything I thought I knew about myself. Ellie and I rose at 5:45 and caught the sun rising too. The sky was briefly a beautiful assortment of colors, before settling on a blue for the rest of the […]

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