The day I went to Mesa Verde

Before I start I have to say I went to one of the best restaurants ever It is called Denny’s that is D-E-N-N-Y-‘-S. They have breakfast 24/7. You must try it. Anyway when we I woke up I was in a tent with my mom. We got dressed then started to hitch hike down the road until we were picked up by a 39 year old and another kid. They brought us to Mesa Verde. We met Zoe and my dad at the starting place of first tour. We were with 6 other people. We went down a original trail that they took to the dwelling. Unfortunately there was a ladder and I hate ladders. The ranger was so awesome. She told us some amazing facts about kivas and the structure. We went back up then we did a hike were we went to the top of a mesa. We had lunch at the cafeteria. Then did a driving tour them some shorter hikes. Next it was time for our last tour. We parked and immediately recognized the ranger from last year at square tour house. The group was smaller so that was nice and only some of the people were stupid. It was 9:30 when we got to the hotel. We were all hungry so went went to Denny’s. Yummy.

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