Day 42: Grand Tetons

We’re outside of Salt Lake City now, have loads of laundry in the hotel washer and dryer, and we found a great place to order pizza and huge salads from. It’s a low key night after a long string of pretty intense, tiring days. We woke up early to the sound of a river and […]

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Come As You Are

Come doused in mud Nirvana We were also soaked in sweatn and who knows what else, but after an awesome night in the Tetons we’re back in civilization. I somehow got my 2nd ever good night’s sleep camping last night. In fact, I was actually woken up by my alarm! We got packed quickly and […]

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Backpacking at Grand Tetons

This morning we woke up around 6 and headed straight to Grand Teton. We got all of our equipment ready and then decided that we were hungry. We went to the lodge restaurant but they were closed. Then my family checked the general store. I waited outside with all the bags and a little while […]

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Driving to Yellowstone

Well today we drove. We saw mountains and cows. Lots of cows. It was pretty boring. Ellie and I binge watched The Good Place and played way to much Go Fish. We stopped in Kalispell for Target and then a gas station for drinks to go with or PBJ&c finally we stopped in West Yellowstone […]

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Wide Open Spaces (Day 41)

If these are life’s lessons, she’ll take this test. Dixie Chicks We saved an awesome hike for the last backpacking trip of #RTXIX! I’m sure this day will go down in the book as another five mountain day. It started early at the Old Faithful Inn where the gyser right outside our window erupted just […]

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I Kissed A Girl (Day 40)

This was never the way I plannedNot my intention Katy Perry We had another change of plans today and decided to hike Mt. Washburn. We’ve actually done this hike previously when we were here four years ago. It’s also now the first mountain that we can say we’ve summited twice! The hike up is pretty […]

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Whiskey (Day 39)

Lookin’ for that bottle, old number seven. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades We’d been planning on doing a huge 20 mile hike today to the Shoshone geothermal area, the biggest backcountry collection of gysers in Yellowstone. However, we forgot bug spray, and after fighting off hordes of mosquitoes for the first two and a half miles […]

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Carefree Highway (Day 38)

Let me slip away on you. Gordon Lightfoot Today was another big driving day – eight hours. I woke up early and enjoyed having enough internet to make my posts from the last couple days and reading a bit of news. Once everyone else was up we hit the road pretty quickly. Our first stop […]

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The day I lost my tooth

Today was very long and boring we got in the car and drove and drove and drove. The most exciting thing that happened was well I was eating my poptart my tooth fell out very randomly. After driving seven hours we stoped at the Slippery Otter. I got a BBQ bacon burger and fries. We […]

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