Driving to Yellowstone

Well today we drove. We saw mountains and cows. Lots of cows. It was pretty boring. Ellie and I binge watched The Good Place and played way to much Go Fish.

We stopped in Kalispell for Target and then a gas station for drinks to go with or PBJ&c finally we stopped in West Yellowstone for laundry and dinner.

Foroor dinner we went to the Slippery Otter. 4 years ago we were invited to our servers private fishing hole. This time we think we saw him again telling someone about his mushroom farm.

We arrived in Yellowstone at 8 and saw Old Faithful. Then we went on a little walk where my dad and I raced. My dad tricked me into stopping so he won. I would’ve lost anyway.

We are staying in the lodge for 3 nights. Tomorrow we are doing a 20ish mile hike. Wowza!! My family is crazy. Hopefully we see some super cute baby goats.

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