Doing a bunch of Tourists things on Yellowstone

This morning we woke up at a time I don’t know and hit the Trail. About 2.5 miles into the trail we stopped and noticed that we were all covered in mosquitoes and decided to turn around because we weren’t having that much fun.

Instead we did a driving tour of the park and did the little hiked on the boardwalks. One was called Mammoth Hotsprings which was really cool.

After that we got stuff from the gift shop and Junior Ranger packets. We also got a really fun game where one person has a card with a bunch of questions about one National Park and everyone else had to guess. We played that for a while outside and watch Old Faithful one last time.

Then we went to dinner we shared salad she then I got spicy wings the main reason I got them was for the celery.

Then my dad and I went to the other hotel to try and find some WiFi. Although we were unsuccessful we shared a pint of ice cream. It was my first time ever eating out of the container. Tommorow we are going to do mt. Washburn again.

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