Backpacking at Grand Tetons

This morning we woke up around 6 and headed straight to Grand Teton. We got all of our equipment ready and then decided that we were hungry. We went to the lodge restaurant but they were closed. Then my family checked the general store. I waited outside with all the bags and a little while later my family came back with German sausages (and yes that is disgusting you should not eat gas station sausages on the rollersđŸ¤®), chips, and huckleberry lemonade. That was a random start to the hike.

The hike was beautiful and steep. There were wildflowers, waterfalls, and amazing views the whole way up. We hiked up to Jenny lake then to Solitude Lake. It was just like iceberg lake except there were no people. There was a marmot that tried to steel our food though.

The hike was about 13 miles and 2,800 feet. We found the perfect campsite for tonight. It has amazing views of the Tetons and a river that flows do thisright past our tents. It is perfect.

Tomorrow we are going to hike out and hopefully get some more huckleberry lemonade. Then off towards our new home!!!

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