Come As You Are

Come doused in mud


We were also soaked in sweatn and who knows what else, but after an awesome night in the Tetons we’re back in civilization. I somehow got my 2nd ever good night’s sleep camping last night. In fact, I was actually woken up by my alarm! We got packed quickly and made it down the mountain before 10. We decided to cheat just a bit by cutting about 2.5 miles of the hike in favor of taking the ferry.

We knew we still had a pretty lengthy drive ahead of us to Springville, UT where we’re spending the night. We could also taste the huckleberry lemonade that we knew was waiting for us at the Jenny Lake General Store as soon as we made it back. We made a quick stop in Jackson, WY for lunch and spent the entire afternoon in the car.

We were all in need of a night in tonight so when we got here the girls headed straight for the pool. Molly and I tore apart the backpacking packs since we won’t be using them again this trip and redistributed supplies in a more effiecent way. We got in a couple loads of laundry and picked up pizza for dinner.

I’m really excited for tomorrow – we’ll finally be back at Colorado Home! I have an irrational fear that we’re going to be bummed out with our decision to buy the land we did. Hopefully the beautiful views and acres of exploration will remind me of why we were inspired to make the purchase right away!

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