Day 50: Southwest Colorado

This evening, at dusk, we drove from the Dolores Brewery to Cortez. The sun had set and every mountain range that surrounded us had a purple haze. The silhouette of Sleeping Ute, in the distance, was particularly lovely. We could see the lights of the ranches, the homes, the farms that we drove by. In […]

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Good Things

See I can see good things for you and IYeah good things for you and I The BoDeans We’re obviously in love with this place. We think we chose the perfect land. Our only wish now is that we had a place to shower and cook so we wouldn’t have to keep leaving for hotels […]

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The day I camped with my sister

This is written my Ellie and zoe So. What’s up? This morning Ellie had a bagel and sausage and Zoe got gipped at the pancake machine. Long story short our dad had pancakes then Zoe decided that she wanted some too. So she clicked the button and guess what?? Only one small came out. So […]

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Only The Wild Ones

So in love with the falling earthOh you wake in the middle of the falling nightWith the summer playing coy Dispatch Molly mentioned today that as we get close to the end of the trip I seem to be getting reflective and a bit sad. She’s right, and of course she is as well. We […]

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Exploring our property more

This morning we woke up to hot chocolate. After a while of whittling and building forts and a builder came to look at our property and talk at mom and dad. After that we went to ABC for lunch. My mom and I shared a turkey wrap and a pesto pasta. We also had some […]

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Day 49: Telluride

I hate this part of the trip. Every year. I don’t want it to end. We have this urge to begin reminiscing about the past weeks, but I won’t let anyone. We still have four days. Today was our last hike. Only five miles and 1000 foot gain. It was easy. But so beautiful. The […]

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