The day I camped with my sister

This is written my Ellie and zoe

So. What’s up? This morning Ellie had a bagel and sausage and Zoe got gipped at the pancake machine. Long story short our dad had pancakes then Zoe decided that she wanted some too. So she clicked the button and guess what?? Only one small came out. So Zoe also had a banana and some turkey sausage. As you can tell a healthy breakfast is our number one priority.

By the way right now Ellie giving me a water commercial so that is great. Good thing I’m not thirsty.

After a good breakfast we drove to Telluride. Our hike for the day was to Bear Falls. And guess what we saw… A bear falling jk. We are not that wild.

The hike up was steep. Also I found out that Zoe doest talk to my dad while they are hiking. I talk to my mom so much. My sister gets so annoyed with me. I don’t her with though. I am annoying. Ellie defiently wrote this. I did not write this Zoe did.

The view at the falls were wonderful. A random guy asked for some trail mix because he claimed to have never eaten trail mix on the trail.

After we made to to our parking spot we grabbed some delicious food. It was Greek and so good. Zoes favorite type of food is Greek food. Except she hates balkvala the dessert thing. Ellie had beef and pita and really liked it.

Then they walked around Ellie found it boring and Zoe ” no comment”

I actually though it was fun but walked out of the stores where the cheaper thing was $320. No I’m not going to pay that much for some towels thank you very much. I’m on a budged here. A budget of 0 does not get you that far in Telluride or any were

Then we went back to camp to find the inside of our tent covered in sand. We had to get it all out and use our hands as sweepers. That was a pain. Then we left to go to Mancos but had to go back to close our tents. We are so forgetful.

We went to the Farmers Market which took us 10 minutes to walk around. We even got some delicious salad dressing.

For dinner we had Mexican. Ellie had a burrito with chicken and Zoe had fajitas which were all delicious.

We then went to camp and s’mores with lots of dirt in them. They were good though. We watched the Good Place and listen to 6 minutes. Then we fell asleep until 1:30 in the morning.

There was so much lightning and thunder and rain. We were both scared. Luckily we fell back asleep.

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