Only The Wild Ones

So in love with the falling earth
Oh you wake in the middle of the falling night
With the summer playing coy


Molly mentioned today that as we get close to the end of the trip I seem to be getting reflective and a bit sad. She’s right, and of course she is as well. We did our last hike here today, a beautiful stroll through the mountains near Telluride. We’re also camping at home tonight for the second to last time, at least until next summer. We’re incredibly fortunate to have found the perfect place for us. It’ll be great when we can not only sleep here, but cook and shower as well.

Until then we’ll continue getting to know the area better, and that’s exactly how we spent today. We decided we all needed one last hike in the mountains so we climbed in Fred and made the drive an hour and a half north to Telluride. We’d visited a couple times before so figured it’d be a good excuse to visit our favorite restaurant and brewery there as well. The hike we choose, Bear Creek Falls, leaves directly from downtown so we found a parking spot and geared up there.

The trail was one of the prettiest for the difficulty we’ve done the entire trip. It was just 2.5 miles each way and 1,000 feet up, but we were treated to views of Bear Creek and the surrounding mountain valley the entire time. Being at 9,000 feet also meant that it was pleasantly cool the entire way as well. The hike culminated at a stunning set of falls. The main section was a rushing torrent, but off to the side of those were a huge stretch of rock the river was able to cascade down more gradually. We rested, snacked, and took lots of pictures there before heading back down.

For lunch we headed straight to PLACE, which Mary Berry had introduced us to last summer and it was as delicious as I remembered. We spent a bit of time walking around downtown, but quickly realized the $5,000 rugs and $120 hand towels weren’t for us. There was one last stop I wanted to make though.

Last year while in Telluride we bought one of the best beers I’ve ever drunk. Telluride Brewing Company’s Fishwater Project. It was the bourbon barrel aged double IPA that I felt too sick to drink when we made it to Conundrum Hot Spring and I wanted another taste. To my delight they had it on tap and it was just as good as I remembered.

We drove home to Mancos and found everything to be dry. The monsoon rains have begun here, there’s been a storm each afternoon for the last three days so we were needlessly a bit worried about wet sleeping bags. We picked up a bottle of salad dressing at the Mancos Farmer’s Market, but had to pass on the produce with no way to prep it here and no hope of getting it home. We also grabbed dinner at Chovolo’s in Mancos.

To round out the day we returned home and found enough of a breeze that the mosquitoes weren’t out. That seemed like a perfect reason to make camp stove s’mores.

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