Good Things

See I can see good things for you and I
Yeah good things for you and I

The BoDeans

We’re obviously in love with this place. We think we chose the perfect land. Our only wish now is that we had a place to shower and cook so we wouldn’t have to keep leaving for hotels every other night. While it’s probably still going to be a couple years until that’s a reality we took another step in that direction today by having a builder out to have a look around. He seemed optimistic that our plans, budget, and timeline are realistic. We’re excited to be moving the process along!

After he left we spent some time hiking the property. There’s so much cool stuff to see there. It’s amazing how while the types of plants are pretty consistent throughout their relative abundance from one acre to the next changes dramatically. Sometimes the oak is so think we can’t get through it, sometimes the yucca are as large as the unwieldy shrubs that used to be in front of Illinois Home. Other times we’ll find ourselves in a field of sage or in a spot that we’re certain is full of Ancestral Puebloan artifacts.

Once we’d had our fill of hiking we headed back to Mancos to check lunch at Absolute Bakery & Cafe off our wishlist for the trip. The afternoon was spent with the very last round of road trip errands and showers. We returned to Colorado Home for another walk around. It’s amazing that we keep finding new spots. I’ve tried to pin them all on GPS with labels so we can find them again next time we’re there. Then we rounded out the day with dinner at the Dolores Brewery. It was just about a perfect day in Southwest Colorado.

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