Day 49: Telluride

I hate this part of the trip. Every year. I don’t want it to end. We have this urge to begin reminiscing about the past weeks, but I won’t let anyone. We still have four days.

Today was our last hike. Only five miles and 1000 foot gain. It was easy. But so beautiful. The trailhead left from Telluride proper and took us up a valley to a lovely waterfall. We spent time at the waterfall, taking in the power it held, humbled by all of nature’s wonders we were witness to this trip. Then we turned around and retraced the steps back to the trailhead. And that was that. The final mile of the trip was hiked.

The afternoon was spent in downtown Telluride, eating my favorite Middle Eastern food ever from a food truck. Seriously, it rivals everything I’ve ever had in Greektown. We peeked in some shops and tried to keep count of all the yoga studios in the town. (I can’t imagine the number is justifiable given the serenity and beauty that surrounds the area.) We left and stopped at Telluride Brewery, leaving with armloads of beer to bring back to Brookfield so we can remember where we’ve been.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the property, doing a bit more exploring, but mostly just relaxing. I read and hiked, the girls played hide and go seek and whittled, Zak continued to scout out the perfect build site.

The evening brought us to the Mancos Farmers Market and another good Mexican restaurant. We went back to the property and roasted marshmallows over our little camp stove, watched the sunset and the lightning of a distant storm in the mountains. Zak and I intertwined our fingers, squeezing, neither of us truly believing that this is all real.

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