Exploring Durango and Climbing a mountain

Yesterday we woke up at home and then drove an hour to Durango. We went to a coffee place and relaxed for a little bit.

After a while my parents went to talk with builders so they gave Ellie and I each ten dollars. We each bought a ring which was gold and turned our fingers green and a piece of candy called Zotz. Then we met up with our parents for lunch. We shared a salad and nachos at Steamworks Brewery.

Then we checked into our hotel. They had a tea and cookie hour so I had raspberry hibiscus iced tea which was super delicious. I also had a chocolate chip cookie.

For dinner we went to The Pour House. I had a salad and the rest of my family had burgers.


This morning we relaxed in our bedroom and watched the Mueller Testimony.

Then we walked across the street and got breakfast from our hotel. I had lots of fruit, eggs, potatoes, and little pasteries.

We then drove to a mountain trail head. It was called Animas City Mountain. The hike up wasn’t that hard. Except there beginning was really steep. The views from the top were super pretty. You could see a river and lots of houses and a cool rock thing.

For lunch we went to Ska Brewery and shared a pizza and salad and some chips.

We then drove to another hotel and swam. For dinner we carried out delicious Thai food.

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