Going to Mesa Verde

Last night my mom and sister went camping so my dad and I were at the hotel. We woke up at 5:30 got breakfast and picked up Ellie and my mom.

Out first tour was off oak tree house. We had an amazing ranger who was very informative and talked a lot a lot about the community and family and got everyone was connected. She also said that everything was the the same except for when it wasn’t. That hike was super fun. We good to climb up an own ladders and walk in the hand and toe holds which was super cool.

Then we did point look out which had amazing views. On the way down we met the chair of the Democratic something for Cortez and we talked for 20 minutes.

For lunch we went to the food court and I had a caprese panani which was actually really good. We hung out for a little bit and played Monopoly Go.

We then went to the museum and looked at all of the exhibits which were interesting. We also talked to the ranger we had in the morning for a while.

Then we did the mesa top loop and saw the progression of the building styles and how their lives changed over the 500ish years these Native Americans lived in the Mesa Verde area.

Our final tour of the day was off Cliff Palace. We had the same ranger hat we did for square tower house last year. There are over 150 rooms and only about 25 of them were used as living spaces. The archeslogists think that the leaders got to live in that house. The ranger talked a lot about why people left Mesa Verde and that nobody knows for sure.

Then we got back to the hotel and went to Denny’s for the first time. Then we went to bed. Tomorrow our plans are sleeping in then eating icecream from 12-9.

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