Going to Mount St. Helens

This morning we woke up early and booked a hotel room in Zion for in a year.

Our destination for the day was Mount St. Helen’s. After we waited an hour for the bathroom to open. We started off on the trail.

The hike was beautiful there were views of the volcano the whole home. There were also wildflowers on the whole perimeter of trail. We hiked 5 miles out and had lunch. For lunch instead I had. Hippeas chips (thanks Kimpton) which made lunch one of the best all trip.

The way back up was not as hard as I anticipated. The trail had a lot more people on the way back though.

When we were done with we drove to Mt Rainer. We checked in to our very cute, cozy room. We went to dinner at the lodge and I had Mac and cheese. Tomorrow we are hiking again then off to Seattle!!

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