The day I explored Durango

Today we woke up in a tent then drove to Durango. We went to a cute little coffee shop were we had coffee. My parents went out to find a builder and left Zoe and I with a twenty dollar bill. We walked around a bit and found a shop were we got matching rings.

Then we meet my parents for lunch. We had nachos and salads. We walked around with our parents for a bit, then we had a little wine hour. Zoe and I left and got candy with our extra money. Then stayed on the hotel for a few more hours till our parents got back and took us to dinner.

Then we went to bed. Fast forward 10 hours ( the day I swam) and I woke up to my parents coming in to use the TV in our room to watch Muller testify. Next we had breakfast in the lobby. It was made to order and the hot food they had today we jack pepper eggs with toast and potatoes. Then we drove a few minutes to start a hike. We were summiting a very easy mountain 1500 feet up over 2.5 miles. At the top we could see the whole city of Durango. The hike down was steep but fast.

Then we drove and had lunch at abrewery. We got to the hotel and spent the whole afternoon swimming we got up to the room and had a showers before my dad came back with pad thai for all.

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