The day I camped

Today we woke up in tents and got out of them to drink Coco aka hot coco. I had a mug of it then got in the car and drove to ABC cafe aka absolutely bakery and cafe. I had a awesome breakfast sandwich.

Then we drove to our hotel for the night were me and Zoe spent a few hours swimming and relaxing in the hot tub. Next we went back to town for the burro fest. We first had some fry bread with honey, powered surger, and cinimon. Then we went to a wired bar were we got Kitty cocktails to go.

Then we meet the Burrows. Each one went up with its owner walked around a bit then went back. To complete the race you had to go around the park two times then you were done. The biggest burro won. Next we walked around town a bit and went to the re opening of the print shop. For dinner we had gyros. Tonight me and my mom decided to sleep in the tent instead of at the hotel so when we were dropped off. We explored a bit, then got in our tent to go to sleep.

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