High, higher than the sun
You shoot me from a gun
I need you to elevate me here


At least a little bit of elevation today, anyway! Before we get there though I need to backtrack a bit to yesterday and our arrival in Durango. We camped Monday night at CO Home, so woke up and were much more successful in making coffee. In fact, it could even be called good. We learned that the secret to success was not using the french press upside down and letting it steep for twice the recommended time. Our coffee went from weak and chewy to strong and liquid. Hopefully we can reproduce those results every time from here on out.

After putting on some clean clothes we headed to Durango. Durango is the nearest city of any size to us, and at 45 minutes away is a reasonable distance for our medical and chain store needs. Molly and I visited briefly in March when we came to scout property, but didn’t have a chance to really explore town and it was the girls first time there ever.

We headed straight for the Durango Coffee Company where we took turns washing up from our night of camping. We were also warmly welcomed to the area by all three of the baristias when we got to talking about where we were “from”. Where we’re from has become a hard question to answer. Even though I’ve lived in Illinois for 21 years now, I still consider Wisconsin to be the place I’m from. I generally answer the where are you from question with “I live near Chicago”. Now that we own land here it’s become even more difficult. We want to start becoming a part of the community, so when appropriate I now tack on “but we have land here too”.

In any case, the coffee was delicious and after finishing our cups we embarked on our one job for the day, meeting some builders. My main goal was to get a feel for what the process and timeline might be like and I think after talking to a couple we have a better feel for how it might go. There’s definitly a lot of stress and fun ahead!

We spent the afternoon strolling along Main Ave. in Durango, ducking into shops when they seemed interesting. Then we returned to the hotel for some rest before heading out for some dinner and night life. We ended up returning to the two places Molly and I visited when we were here it March, El Moro and the Pour House. We also added one new one, which is now my favorite spot in Durango, thanks to Ranger Mike’s recommendation. We’ll certainly be back to visit the Bookcase and Barber again!

We’re getting close to the end of #RTXIX so we wanted to get another hike in today. So, after an awesome breakfast at the hotel we headed to the Animas Mountain Trailhead. The hike was HOT! It was only supposed to reach of high of 80 or so here today, but I think it topped out in the low 90’s. We hadn’t done a lot of mountain hiking this trip, so it was nice to add another summit to the list. To round out the day we made a quick stop at Ska Brewing and then spent the afternoon relaxing at our hotel in Cortez.

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