In ‘n Out

At an early point in the planning we looked up the locations of In ‘n Out and were devastated to find out we weren’t traveling far enough west to reach any of them. However, last night Zak looked up restaurants in Orem, Utah and lo and behold, there is one! We’re not sure if we missed it in our earlier research or if it is a new location, regardless we were thrilled!!

On the way, we googled their secret menu and the excitement grew! We were so close. Yet so far. In all the anxiousness we missed the turn causing the 7 minute drive from the hotel to turn into a 14 minute wind through a neighborhood. Finally we saw the familiar signage!

Here’s our order:

Molly: double burger, grilled onions, no cheese. got that. no cheese. (I can’t stomach the thought of American cheese.) fries. neapolitan shake

Zak: double double animal style, whole grilled onion. fries. neopolitan shake

Zoe: hamburger. lettuce and tomato. fries. neapolitan shake.

Ellie: double burger. nothing on it. nope. just two burger patties. fries. chocolate shake.

We thought this was a pretty strange order with a lot of changes to what is presented on the menu, but our friendly cashier was not even phased.

Although we only get here every year or so, it was delicious as always!

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One thought on “In ‘n Out

  1. See, you finally made it. So glad you found your “chow” place.
    Sounds like tons of food. Me, I have trouble with travelers dia——a so would not be able to eat like that. But, to you guys it was a great thing.
    Hope you will find some super intrest for you and your family today.
    Have a great day. And stay safe.
    Praying for you all as you take the time to rest and enjoy your vacation and family.
    Joanie Kenning

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