Day 5

A simply fun day! We started out by heading back into Dinosaur NM with the goal of completing a lot of the smaller hikes on the west side. We began one that promised to be 5 miles. It was full of little mishaps from the get go. The girls and I were prepared for really […]

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Carry On

What a mixed bag of luck today was for me. Things started off beautifully with a more leisurely morning at the hotel. We took some time to sleep in, repack our gear, and enjoy the surprisingly good Holiday Inn biscuits and gravy. The first trouble hit as I was making our regular lunch and I […]

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In ‘n Out

At an early point in the planning we looked up the locations of In ‘n Out and were devastated to find out we weren’t traveling far enough west to reach any of them. However, last night Zak looked up restaurants in Orem, Utah and lo and behold, there is one! We’re not sure if we […]

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The Fifth Day

Today we woke up in a Holiday Inn. I got ready as usual and then we all went down to breakfast. Then we drove about a half hour to Dinosaur National Monument. There we did almost like we did the first day, little hikes around the park. Our first hike was two miles. It was […]

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Dinosaur National Monument

Today was our last day at Dinosaur National Monument. We did two little hikes a total of 6 miles. The first hike we got kind of lost. We were hiking up the dry river bed so we turned around. The second hike was very deserty.  We saw many animals; deer, rabbits, and lizards. We then […]

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