The 7th day

Today we did a 4 mile  hike. It was a out and back. on  the way out I  was freezing. all the views were 5 stares. here are some views! The hike was strenuous because the cold wind was blowing in our faces the whole time. Zoe and me got to be the leaders a […]

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We woke up a bit on the late side this morning. Our plan had been to wake up bright and early to begin heading south. I heard water dripping and thought the hotel was leaking. Realizing that was stupid I thought it odd that we could hear someone else taking a shower. Realizing that was […]

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Cedar Breaks National Monument

Today was a long day. We woke up early and then got on the car for four hours. I listened to an audio book and played Mario cart I also wrote the first stanza to a song. We finally arrived in Cedar Breaks National Monument. We finally arrived at the top with a surprising temperature […]

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