All Along the Watchtower

We woke up alone in the middle of the desert today. I don’t think it was the best night of sleep for any of us. For me the main reason was the moon. Since we were all alone in the campground and it was still really hot when we set up camp we decided to […]

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The 17th day

Today my body was full of energy. We hiked in two cliff dwellings. In the first cliff dwelling we did not get to go inside of it. The first one was called Cliff Palace. In Cliff Palace it was an hour long tour with 46 other people. We saw kivas and we saw the paintings […]

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The 16th Day

Yucca House The frist stop was Yucca House. We saw old destroyed home only to get to Yucca House we had to drive through the ranchers property. We saw the rancher. Sand Canyon Pueblo At Sand Canyon Pueblo we saw homes and we saw the walls. It was the longest hike today. Lunch Today we […]

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Little Hikes

Today we are doing a lot of little hikes. Yucca House National Monument Our first stop was Yucca House National Monument. It is located on the property of a rancher. We had to go through No Trespassing Signs, and Do Not Enter.The whole time I am clinging onto my stuffed cow.                         Stuffed Cow We […]

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