Cliff Palace and Balcony House – Mesa Verde

Today was our first day at Mesa Verde National Park. We did two Ranger led tours, Cliff Palace and Balcony House. Both tours were so intreasting. I learned that the Native Americans had bad teeth because of the grind of the rock.

The first tour was balcony house. It was so big. We saw a lot of great Kivas. We got to climb up 3 ladders. We saw some paintings left on the wall. They had to climb up the side of the cliff to check on there corn or other crops.

We had a quick lunch of PB and J with Cheetos. Then we drove to our next site.

Balcony House was our next stop. That one was my favorite. We got to climb up a 32 foot ladder. We also got to actually go inside the old cliff dwelling. The Kivas were so amazing. Also, they built a very skinny, one person at a time, get on your hands knees tunnel.

We then saw the pitthouses. The were very cool. Here are some pics.




It was a great day.

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