Day 9- Bryce Canyon National Park

My whole body is exhausted, including my brain. I had forgotten how mentally challenging really long hikes are. Everyone else in the family is blogging away and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to find the words to express what today meant. We started early and hiked about 2 miles from the town we […]

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Mind Blown!!

Today was a mind blowing day. We hiked 14 miles (mind blown!), and saw the the numerous landforms; hoodoos, hills forest and so much more (mind blown)! The views were outstanding as Ellie would say “another 5 star view”(Mind blown). I’ll stop using mind blown The hike was strenuous. Uphill the whole way except for […]

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The Distance

Best hike so far. I’ve loved Bryce Canyon since the first time I saw it back in 2010. The landscape is unlike anything anywhere. Even Cedar Breaks, which is remarkably similar, is lacking in hoodoos and hikeable trails. Today’s 14 mile journey through the entire northern part of the park was one of the coolest […]

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The Eighth Day

Today was a very strenuous day. It was hot, sweaty, and hard. But once again all the views were five stars. We saw beautiful hoogie thingies. We got to go inside them. We hiked up, down, all around. We saw chipmunks digging, picking flowers. Oh the beautiful sights of them. We saw black and white […]

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