Mind Blown!!

Today was a mind blowing day. We hiked 14 miles (mind blown!), and saw the the numerous landforms; hoodoos, hills forest and so much more (mind blown)! The views were outstanding as Ellie would say “another 5 star view”(Mind blown).
I’ll stop using mind blown

The hike was strenuous. Uphill the whole way except for at the end. The total elevation was 2617 feet. We did not get lost on the horse trail like we did last year. We had many snacks, beef jerky and twizzlers. Before I knew it it was finally time for lunch. I had a salad, soup, and a sandwich. The way down was really fun and easy. Throughout the hike we saw many stupid people picking flowers and going off of the trail. We saw a lot of horses pass by us, they were beautiful. We hiked back the Tropic Trail to our car. We took off our shoes and then drove to the hotel. We were going to take nice warm showers but the hotel didn’t have any warm water. For dinner we went to a pizza place. The server was only at our table three times! We had Klondike bars for dessert and then went over to look at the sheep. The sheep were hilarious, and I want one as a pet.

I think I am going to get a great night sleep. It was a mind blowing day!

One thought on “Mind Blown!!

  1. Pretty cool Zoe about seeing the sheep. What was hilarious about them?
    Pizza and Klondike Bars are mostly my favorite too.
    That’s a lot of uphill climbing. Have you guys done this before? Because it does not seem to be your first time. How is the wearher? Hot? Anymore rain storms? I hope it is working well with your climbs.
    So people were not respecting the flowers and the boundries of the trails? That is not cool. It should stay as natural as the way God put them there. That is sad that they picked the flowers.
    I am so glad that you are having a “mind blowing” experience. Some people would be jealous of the time you are having. You just have fun with your family.
    Joanie Kenning

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