On the Road Again

I’m going to be up-front here: Nothing happened today. We got in the car at 7 AM, and sat there for about 11 hours. There were a couple stops to break up the monotony. First, the world’s largest truckstop, which is big, but not appreciably bigger than most other truck stops. It’s kind of like […]

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Day 1

Day 1 is in the books. We woke up early, crammed a few last things in the car, waved good-bye to the fish, and took off. Our first stop was a few minutes in to fuel up on coffee. Then we just started driving. Of course we had to stop at the World’s Largest Truck […]

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A long drive

Today was are first day on the road trip. Are first stop was Dunkin donuts are second stop was the world’s largest truck stop the third stop  was the Herbert Hoover national historic site we became junior ranger by doing activity book me  and zoe have had a lot of fun in the backset  only […]

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Day One = Driving

Today we drove a lot. We left our house at 7:16. Then we stopped at Dunkin’ Doughnuts. I got a chocolate Long John. Then we were on the road. About 3 hours into the drive we stopped at the worlds largest truck stop. We took a bathroom break and then we drove 13 minutes, to […]

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