Day One = Driving

Today we drove a lot. We left our house at 7:16. Then we stopped at Dunkin’ Doughnuts. I got a chocolate Long John. Then we were on the road. About 3 hours into the drive we stopped at the worlds largest truck stop. We took a bathroom break and then we drove 13 minutes, to the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. I turned in my slip for being a fourth grader and got a free National Park pass. Ellie and I became Junior Rangers by doing a lot of activities in a little booklet and saying a honor. In the car Ellie and I have done a lot of things. we have talked, played on our game boys, tablets, wrote colored, did summer work books and played Rubber Neckers with my dad. In my summer book I did reading, grammmer, poetry, and math  For lunch we had Peanut butter and Jelly with chips. I have also eaten twizzlers, goldfish, Jolly Ranchers, mints and gum. We will get to keirny Nebraska at 6:30.

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