Day 11: Horseshoe Canyon

Thankfully, I didn’t need to use the can of bear spray I slept next to and we all woke up bright and early at 5. I thought we were moving really quickly packing things up, but we didn’t start the hike until 6:20. Why so early? Well, being in the middle of the desert, we […]

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Way Down We Go

We woke up this morning in one of the coolest places I’ve ever woken up: in the middle of the desert. We wanted to get an early start on the day since the forecast was for temperatures to be nearing 100 degrees by noon. Our alarms went off at 5 and I was up and […]

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Southern Utah

Last night I didn’t write a blog post because I was in a tent. We started the day at our log cabin in a nice comfy bed, the opposite way we ended the day. We drove a little way to a River where me and Ellie played for 10 minutes. Then we drove a little […]

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10 ,11

the  first PRETTY thing we saw yesterday was a waterfall going the speed of a hundred. On the road I saw a sign that said the speed limit was 55. After we saw the speed of 100 waterfall we saw the mossy cave that wasn’t very cool because it was more like a rock with […]

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