The 19th and 20th day

Yesterday we went to the Berrys. We got a tour of their new house. It was beautiful. We had a brunch of quiche, bagels, and fruit salad. Everything was delicious. They have a dog named Annie. She is so calm and quiet. Then we took a little walk. We saw cactuses, plants, and juniper trees. […]

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The Last Two Days

Today I am going to write my blog post from today and and yesterday. Yesterday Today we woke up and drove 2.5 hours to the Berry’s new house. There we had a delicious brunch. We had bagels, cream cheese, a very yummy fruit salad, and Fresh quiche. We got a lovely tour of their new […]

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Day 20: Aspen

Day 20! Tonight will mark the official halfway point. The morning started with Kimpton coffee. Always a good start to a day. We felt like we had two choices today. Option one was a smart choice. Complete a small hike on Mount Aspen to continue getting acclimated to the air way up here. (We’re climbing […]

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Rocky Mountain High

This morning we woke up in luxury once again at the Sky Hotel in Aspen. We afforded ourselves the luxury of sleeping in. I also took advantage of having woken a bit before everyone else to give myself that Kimpton Spa time Molly loves to make fun of me for. After shaving for the first […]

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Hey Ya!

Note: I’m writing for Sunday a day late today because Kimpton last night! I’ll update again for today in a bit! We woke up bright and early Sunday for a full day of driving, visiting, dining, and swimming. The first leg of our journey took us 2.5 hours north of Cortez to just outside Montrose, […]

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