On the Road Again

I’m going to be up-front here: Nothing happened today. We got in the car at 7 AM, and sat there for about 11 hours. There were a couple stops to break up the monotony. First, the world’s largest truckstop, which is big, but not appreciably bigger than most other truck stops. It’s kind of like the world’s largest Culver’s that we drive by whenever we drive through Wisconsin. Pretty unimpressive.

Then the Hoover Historical Site. I’ll admit that this actually peaked my excitement for the trip. It was fun to step back onto Park Service land for the first time since Cuyahoga Valley NP a few months back.

We saw several more gas stations, lots of cows, 27 unique state license plates. I ate Cheetos and Mountain Dew. We sang along to the official road trip playlist and lots of other things as well and eventually made it to Kearney, NE.

I’m really hopefully that this is the worst hotel of the trip, and it’s pretty nice, so that’s encouraging. I’m getting pretty good at this planning thing. We found a great brewery/pizza place for dinner, the Thunderhead Brewery. The Thunderpie was excellent and their house IPA was the perfect thing to wash it down with. Now we’re working on all the maintenance tasks: blogging, charging everything, replacing ice, washing ourselves that come along with the trip.

The most positive thing that came out of today for me was feeling like we were actually on the road and travelling again. Even yesterday I didn’t really have any anxiousness or overexcitement about things like everyone else seemed to. It’s a very happy feeling for me now that we’re actually on the road again.

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