Carry On

What a mixed bag of luck today was for me. Things started off beautifully with a more leisurely morning at the hotel. We took some time to sleep in, repack our gear, and enjoy the surprisingly good Holiday Inn biscuits and gravy. The first trouble hit as I was making our regular lunch and I somehow managed to slice open my thumb on the camp knife I was using to spread the peanut butter. Crazy; I didn’t even realize it was sharp. I bandaged myself up and we packed our gear and headed out for more adventure in Dinosaur NM.

At the gate we once again showed off our 4th grader to the ranger and got a hiking guide for the east side of the park. We decided to first attempt the Sound of Silence trail, which was supposed to be a three mile loop through the desert. However, after a mile of walking along dry riverbed we somehow convinced ourselves that we had somehow made a wrong turn so we doubled back out the way we came. We were able to successfully complete the Desert Voices trail though. Sadly, it seems that there isn’t a way for me to share the photospheres or Google cardboard VR files in a usable way here. If you know how to share either of those please leave a comment!

The photos from the GPS and our track are here. I’m sure Molly will post other photos as well.

Our last stop was at the Josie Morris homestead. It was interesting to compare her life there to that of the Chew family at their ranch on the other side of the park. They both lived and worked land only about 30 miles apart during the same period of time. It seems like the Chews with the labor of an entire family, must have had a bit easier life. They certainly had a must better constructed home.

After enjoying our PBJ and Cheetos Molly drove us the 3 hours to Orem, UT stopping only at a sporting goods store to replace a lace from my boot that broke this morning. On a positive note we did get some Goose Island IPAs while the girls swam, and as Molly wrote about in a separate post In and Out for dinner. What she didn’t mention was that while enjoying my french fries I somehow managed to chip a tooth. At least it’s a minor chip and I don’t have any pain so it seems like I’ll probably just be able to wait until I get home to deal with it. Just what I wanted to do on my first day back.

So it was a day of ups and downs. Beautiful views, fun hikes, cool history, good food on the one hand. Cut thumb, broken bootlace, bad navigation, and chipped tooth on the other. It’s still a pretty good life and there’s really no choice but to carry on.

One thought on “Carry On

  1. Oh Zak,
    You are having a bad luck day. So sorry that is the case. Hope you will have a better day tomorrow. I can comiserate wih the chipped tooth. I guess I am reading this backwards. So I see that you were able to carry on.
    It looks lile beautiful land. Try to have a gret day with your gals. So glad they are getting some swimming time in.
    Tell everyone hello and keep on “truck’en.”

    Joanie Kenning

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