Data Collection

We like data. We like to keep track of frequencies. We like math and numbers. Part of our data collection on the road is tallying the frequencies of certain events. Here you can see where we are an hour into the third day.

3 outlet mall sightings
7 Taylor Swift songs
6 animals

3 people have made a comment about the beauty of Zoe’s hair. (One of those people also touched it, and one followed up with a pity comment to Ellie about her hair.)

We also reward one another with shiny star stickers. There are some rules that come along with this. One campaigning. No bargaining. The giver gets to pick the color. They can be given for any reason at any time.

Ellie got one for sharing the blue cheese dressing that came with her wings at dinner last night. Zoe got one for sharing a doughnut. I earned one for teaching Ellie multiplication while facing backwards in the car. Zak received one for choosing a great hotel two nights in a row.

Of course, we keep track of the license plates we see.

We also have had one injury. Ellie has a hand blister from playing too much Mario Cart.

We’ll post a follow-up in a few days so you can follow the trends along with us.

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