The Last Day Until 41 Days From Now at Home

Today was our last day at our house (except for an hour tomorrow at our house). We did a lot of boring things, such as packing and making millions of trips to the car.

Here is what we have been doing the last 24 hours.

Last night we had a party with 6 other families. We had a lot of fun. At the end all the kids were tired so we decided to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

This morning we hung out. For lunch we had left over brats. During lunch Ellie said ” Out of all of the farts that happen none of them are mine.” That led to a discussion.

We then packed, loaded, and picked up. Ellie and I packed the backseat with note books, coloring books, pencils, workbooks, and more. I got 2 new games on my tablet Goat Simulator and Subway Surfers.

I am nervous for the next 41 days, but I am ready to go.

2 thoughts on “The Last Day Until 41 Days From Now at Home

  1. Zoe, sometimes you need to have a boring day before you leave on a 41 day road trip. Sounds like you and Ellie have the back seat ready to go! Have fun, fun, fun! I’ll miss you. love, Grandma

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