Day 45: Stargazer Inn and Kerouac’s

Several years ago, on our very first ever backpacking trip, we were disappointed to find the campgrounds at Great Basin National Park completely full. We drove to the tiny town just outside the park, Baker, and hoped to grab a room at the only motel. They were booked for the night, but we decided to stay for dinner at the attached restaurant before finding a room in Ely for the night. That meal went down as one of the most memorable of the trip, as it was just a week later the car was broken into in San Francisco and we had to come home.

The motel was The Stargazer Inn and the restaurant was Kerouac’s. The owners, Kate and Jake, have become the friends we look forward to seeing each trip.

The Stargazer Inn is everything Rosebud Motel in Schitt’s Creek wants to be. It’s a charming, cozy, old school roadside motel. We spent the afternoon in the courtyard, sipping bottles old fashioneds from the general market in the lobby, playing games, and socializing with Rosie, the curious sphinx cat.

The food at Kerouac’s has always been some of the best of any trip. Although the menu had changed from last time we were in town, it did not disappoint at all. The menu was small plates and we worked our way right down the menu from the charcuterie, bruschetta, wedge salad, crab cakes, Mediterranean chicken, and sorbet and affogato. Tying everything together were the excellently crafted cocktails. However, the highlight of the meal was catching up with Kate and Jake, hearing their exciting plans, and (embarrassingly) gifting them a bottle of Malort all the way from home.

It’s probably unlikely that you’ll find your way in Baker, but if you do, please stop and say hi to Kate and Jake from us. They are true gems who are living a life I’m jealous of.

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