Day 51: Idaho Falls to Butte

Today was our scheduled rest day and we took full advantage. I started with a trip to the local urgent care to have my ankle checked out. Turns out it is not broken. Yay! I’m in a sturdy brace, on steroids, and am using a otc cream that says in big, bolded print: USE ONLT […]

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Day 47

A bit over a month ago we climbed are first mountain of the trip. Right after we started leaving the summit we got a call from the ottline. To sum up the conversation water was coming into our house. Lucky for us they are amazing and took care of it for us. Well that almost […]

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Day 49

Today was not a good day. It started of great with comfy bed and waffles. But soon we realized that we would not be making it to grand Teton national park by ten the time we were supposed to pick up our backpacking permit at. We were also told that of we did not make […]

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