Cup of Coffee

“What time is . . . alright, goodnight” Jack Elliot Authors Note: This post was written Monday the 19th about today and yesterday. We’re currently backpacking at Great Basin, so it likely won’t be posted for a few days. Yesterday morning we woke up in Green River, UT at what may have been the nicest […]

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Day 48

This morning I wanted to wake up super early so that we could finish hiking the three day backpacking trip unfortunately the 5 am alarm I suggested was swapped with a 6:30 alarm. Once we were up we pack up camp and hit the trail I lead today and was not messing around I was […]

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Day 46

I am mad, I am frustrated, I am disappointed, I feel scammed and it is all because of a breakfast burrito. Please note my blog will only be on the burrito so to read about the rest of the day read someone else’s post. I was starving when we walked across the street to sugar, […]

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