Day 32

Today we woke up at the property in tents apparently we were supposed to get out of the tent at 6:45 but, we didn’t end up stumbling out till 8. Today started very tramaticly because as soon as I opened the door of my tent a little bit, a cricket came in. Zoe was halfway […]

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Fourth of July and Today

yesterday we celebrated the fourth of July all day so I’ll highlight some of the things we did. we sat on the balcony of the river all morning and played sevens and watched the “parade” which was a few rafts floating down the river. We headed to the Mancos brewery from Durango and ate some […]

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“Whatever makes you happy Whatever you want You’re so fuckin’ special I wish I was special” Radiohead This has been a rough year for keeping up with the blog for all of us. We very deliberately call our summer travels a trip and not a vacation because some days it is just a lot of […]

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