Day 36

Today started very relaxing we slept in and had no rush to get out of the hotel room because we backpacked today and we we had two miles with 1000 feet of elevation. We wanted to start at about 5 so we had a day to kill. The restaurant that everyone talks about on Abiquie […]

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Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu

This morning started bright and early. We drove 3 hours to ghost Ranch where we were greeted and told to put name tags. We got the rundown of the ranch. We went to the desk and asked about hikes. We were presented with 2 options one with shade and the other without. We took the […]

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Day 35

Well I would say there’s about a 75% Chance we ACCIDENTALLY joined a cult today. Anyway today the alarm went off at 6:30 the plan was to leave at 7:30 and if there is one thing I have gotten really good at this summer it’s getting ready quick. I usely sleep half a hour later […]

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