Day 42: Mount Elbert

Five years ago we attempted to summit Mt. Elbert. We couldn’t. (Blog post from that day.) Today, five years later, we did. We woke up at 5 with chattering teeth and frozen toes. We had slept in our hiking clothes with the hope of saving as much time as possible in the morning. We quickly […]

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The Higher You Climb

“The higher you climb, The more that you see.” Dan Fogelberg Today we climbed very, very high. All the way to the second highest point in the continental US, the summit of Mt. Elbert. Only Mt. Whitney in California is higher. This was also our second state highpoint of the week. AND a hike that’s […]

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Driving to Leadville

Today was a very food focused day so other than going grocery shopping and eating pizza all we did was drive 5 hours. So the rest of the post will be about the food because obviously 9:00: We all shared a chocolate croissant for bastille day. It was super buttery and delicious. My quadrant didn’t […]

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