Mancos and Mesa Verde

Yesterday we had a pretty relaxing morning and headed to Dolores and walked around a little bit. We stopped at the DinoStore and we all got a shirt. I got a oversized flannel and one issue with this trip is buying clothes because my bag is actually exploding with a surplus of unnecessary clothes. It […]

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Day 34: Mesa Verde

The morning started how every morning should, a hearty breakfast and strong coffee from Absolute Bakery and Cafe. Throw in great company and you’ll hardly remember the poor quality of camping sleep from the night before. With satisfied stomachs the four of us and Ranger Mike, headed to Mesa Verde. Zak picked a hike he’s […]

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Day 34

Before I start on today I thought I would give a quick overview of yesterday we woke in Cortez and relaxed on the patio before we packed up and drove to Dloras. We went to a amazing shop called the dino-store. We all got flannels. We had lunch in the park then went to the […]

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Listen to the Music

“Whoa oh whoa… Listen to the music” The Doobie Brothers Shame on me for missing another post yesterday. As Molly mentioned her hers, though, it was a late night. The last couple hours of the night were the perfect cap on a full day of fun. We started the day slowly once again. I crocheted […]

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Day 33: COhome

It’s late, much later than I typically stay up, let alone try to tackle a blog post. We just crawled into tents, after learning so much about the night sky from Ranger Mike. The morning was spent exploring a few of the cute shops in Dolores. We deiscovered the Dino Store, the shop I will […]

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