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“What time is . . . alright, goodnight”

Jack Elliot

Authors Note: This post was written Monday the 19th about today and yesterday. We’re currently backpacking at Great Basin, so it likely won’t be posted for a few days.

Yesterday morning we woke up in Green River, UT at what may have been the nicest Holiday Inn Express of the trip. Sadly, the apparent nationwide cinnamon roll shortage seems to be continuing. However, in my mind the free laundry more than made up for that. Along with laundry the other major road trip chores of the day was repacking Fred.

When we finished hiking Mt. Massive the day before we crammed all our hiking gear, clothes, tents, sleeping stuff, everything in the car with no regard for organization or even the stuff’s well-being. Molly and I converted the parking lot to a mini REI as we unpacked everything, neatly arranged it and repacked. This life isn’t always glamorous.

By late morning we were ready to get back on the road. With the lack of cinnamon rolls and rumbling stomachs still not recovered from the previous day we searched Green River for something to eat. An open business is a rare thing on a Sunday morning in rural Utah, so we steered to the highway hoping for fast food. It took us two and a half hours, but eventually we found a McDonald’s. I’m not really a fan of the golden arches, but this time it was exactly what we needed.

Our actual destination of the day was Baker, Nevada the gateway to Great Basin National Park and home to our favorite small hotel (Stargazer) and a restaurant that is so good it’s almost impossible to believe it exists in a town of 100 people (Kerouac’s). I think Molly would agree that the owners of both places, Kate and Jake, are Molly and my biggest lifestyle envy. They moved across the country from major cities to pursue their dream in this tiny town and they have absolutely crushed it. We constantly struggle with the head vs. heart battle of staying put in Chicago vs. moving to Mancos as soon as possible. It’s inspiring to see people who have done what we wish we could. (Note: we’ve promised the girls they can graduate from high school in Chicago, so it’s going to be a while)

We arrived and checked in, then quickly decided we needed to get a cocktail from the selection of pre-made ones for sale.

Another Author’s Note: It is now Wednesday the 21st. Sometimes the days fly by. It’s also almost 10:00, we’ve been backpacking for 3 days, and we’re starting another 3 day trip in the morning.

I’m going to cut to the good part of the day in Baker, dinner at Kerouac’s. Everything we had was delicious: margarita, old fashioned, charcuterie, bruschetta, wings, meatballs, fries, ice cream, and more. We also got to catch up with Kate and Jake, and enjoy a great night with each other.

Great Basin – I’d been wanting to do this trip for a long time. In fact, it was the third time we’ve attempted it. Snow greatly curtailed our plans the previous two attempts. Notable things included:

  1. Summiting Pyramid Peak. This was our first summit with no trail. There were some spots with sparse social trails, but the routefinding was fun.
  2. This was also our first two night trip. We did it. Another accomplishment!
  3. I am so tired right now.
  4. I’ll add more about Great Basin tomorrow.

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