Day 46

I am mad, I am frustrated, I am disappointed, I feel scammed and it is all because of a breakfast burrito. Please note my blog will only be on the burrito so to read about the rest of the day read someone else’s post. I was starving when we walked across the street to sugar, salt, and malt. We went inside and there was only four things on the menu. One of them was a burrito. We all got the burrito. I love breakfast burritos that was untill after the 20 minute wait to get the burritos we took them outside and I was mad. Let’s dive into the ingredients. Eggs the thing was full of eggs I am shocked I was able to have a bite that had anything other then eggs also they did not salt the eggs witch made them taste like nothing. Next up sausage this had to be some of the worst sausage I have ever had. It was rubbery, had no seasoning, microwaved, and there was about half a Patty of it in the whole thing. Next potato the potatoe had no seasoning just like everything else and on mine there was one mini potatoe. Last cheese on the menu I was informed there would be a pepper jack cheese. There was not. This had to be the blandest least filling thing I have ever had also the shape was all wrong it was a rectangle not a cilonder. Who has a rectangle burrito. I also feel like it should be pointed out this was our last meal before a three day backpacking trip the longest we have ever done. I am mad and feel scammed. To next person who makes me a breakfast burrito it better be really good because my stacks are high.

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  1. Sounds like breakfast burrito Hell, Ellie. Your mission now is to find a scrumptious one on this trip.

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