Day 51: Idaho Falls to Butte

Today was our scheduled rest day and we took full advantage. I started with a trip to the local urgent care to have my ankle checked out. Turns out it is not broken. Yay! I’m in a sturdy brace, on steroids, and am using a otc cream that says in big, bolded print: USE ONLT FOR ARTHRITIS. I guess it’s good I have arthritis too and aren’t breaking the rules too badly.

We took our time getting to Butte, and soaked in the best of the best local hotspots thanks to our neighbor, JoJo. The first was the only Patagonia outlet store in the world! Zoe picked up a t-shirt and the rest of us left wishing prices were a tad lower. Then we hit the Headframe Spirits Distillery tasting room. The huckleberry bourbon drink was superb! We rested at the hotel, watching Olympic, before picking up carry out from the world famous Pork Chop John’s. Hands down the best pork chop sandwich I’ve ever had. (I’m not totally sure I’ve ever had one prior to tonight.) Thanks JoJo for providing the itinerary for a great rest day!

Tomorrow we head to Glacier for 5 nights. The first a Many Glacier Lodge, two backpacking, and then two at Lake Macdonald Lodge. I have no idea what type of wifi and service we’ll have.

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