Day 49

Today was not a good day. It started of great with comfy bed and waffles. But soon we realized that we would not be making it to grand Teton national park by ten the time we were supposed to pick up our backpacking permit at. We were also told that of we did not make it by ten they would give away our permit. Thankfully even with the two and a half hour drive, thirty minute wait in line, and arriving after ten we did get the permit we reserved. After that the next problem came parking the trailhead we were supposed to park at was full. So we drove down the road untill we found an opening at the end of the road. Once we got out of the car swarms of Bugs attacked us. We put on bug spray knowing we would now be sticky for the remainder of the trip once we got to the trailhead a spot opened up my mom and me stood in it well my dad threw his bag down then ran back to the car pulling into the spot just before a pared of cars came. Quite honestly I was in a horrible mood. The hike was 8 miles with 2500 feet up. Doing this with a fifty pound bag and a bad mood was really hard and ALL I wanted was to turn around nonetheless we did eventually make it to a campsite and at this point I did have tears falling down my cheeks I’m not sure exactly why but, after wiping them away we set up tents and realized how horrible the bugs were. I think it made us all frustrated and after we followed the directions of hanging all gear so marmots don’t eat them we got into tent we relaxed and calmed down for a bit and this this point I was in a better mood. At one point we decided it was dinner time I did not want to get out of the tent mostly because I was super comfy. I did get out and this might have been the biggest mistake of my life. At first everything was fine then I went down to the creek for dinner and we unfortunately did not pack enough beef jerky so, we had to get a new kind at target. It was disgusting. Usely I am not picky when it comes to meat but this was just gross. Once we finished our “dinner” everything thing went downhill. I am sure there a four different perspective on exactly what happened so here’s mine. Zoe and I were standing on a log well we waited for my dad to come up from the river with the key to the bear can. I felt a Sharp sting right above my right ankle. I started to scream and jumped off the log breaking my flip flop completely when I landed. After what felt like about ten seconds of freaking out in a somewhat anoyed and calm voice I heard Zoe say “Mom, Ellie broke her flip flops” as if that was the biggest concern. My mom came over and I told in-between scream I got stung. Then right on cue Zoe as well started to freak out. After running to my mom where I was standing, we looked back at the log we were standing on and wasps had emerged. My dad came up grabbed the first aid kit and informed us to get into the tent. I ditched the broken flip flop and ran bearfoot to the tent after everyone climbed over my mat with there shoes on we took a look at what happed. Zoe somehow was not freaking out but, me on the other hand I was having a full blown panic attack. The last time I was stung by a bee I was two and I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night how and I supposed to remember that. Once I calmed down. We put anti itch stuff on it and my dad packed up camp for us. My mom and me watched a show and every thirty seconds I felt a Sharp pain. I used to not really mind bees but now they are my new biggest fear.

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