Backpacking day 1 of a bazillion

This morning started with the best cuddles from the cutest sphynx cat in the world. I sat on the porch petting and cuddling and trying to think of a getaway plan so I could steal the cat. Anyway, I think my dad likes cats now… He made it a cat toy which is the closest to saying he will get me a cat we’ve ever gotten. If you have a spare cat I take donations. My dad claims he’s “allergic” but we all know thats bs. Also, I’m perfectly fine with a hairless cat.

After living in cat heaven for an hour we went across the street and got some breakfast. It was a bland breakfast burrito. And they said it would have cheese but it didn’t. Throughly disappointed.

Yesterday ellie and I got the news that we would be backpacking SIX nights in a row. 6?! There is ont hotel but still I will have to put that 65 pound backpack on 6 days in a row. Today was day one. It was actually very enjoyable and pretty. Everyone else disagreeded but I loved it. It was sprinkling and cool but nkt cold. The only problem was I had a shipping container worth of stuff on my back. I know that bag would not make it through the airport weight limit.

The end campsite was so pretty. It is by an alpine lake that kind of reminds me of glacier and north cascades I ate a delicious dinner that consisted of a costco nut bar*which are actually delicious*, a nutrigrain bar *its fineish* and some m&ms. IM STUFFED.

Right now I’m chilling in the tent listening to Father of the Bride and I might play phase 10 with my dad later.

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