Walking On Sunshine

I’m walking on sunshine (Wow!)
And don’t it feel good

Katrina and the Waves

Either I’m getting really used to camping, or being at home was just the place for camping I needed, because I don’t remember waking up last night. I did wake up just a couple minutes before my alarm went off. I immediately looked out the window of the tent as the sun was rising between Mesa Verde and the La Plata and it was perfectly beautiful.

We made coffee with our camp stove for the first time. We must have done something not quite right because there were grounds in it. We also learned that it needs to steep longer than the 3 minutes that were suggested, but it was our first cup of coffee here with views of the mountains all around so it was good enough.

Enjoying coffee/hot chocolate at home

Molly, Zoe, and I took another stroll around the top quarter and made some fun discoveries. Most notable was a giant yucca plant. I buried some of it’s fruit in a promising looking spot to try to encourage it to spread. We also found a tree that must have been recently struck by lightning. It was split right down the middle into four parts, but still had green needles.

So therapeutic

With our coffee drunk and rounds made we headed into Mancos for breakfast at the Absolute Bakery Cafe. We managed to score the last half order of biscuits and gravy which we split between us. I also had an omlette that was smothered with my first taste of green chile sauce this trip. We also stopped into the artisian’s coop where I found the perfect leather strap to hang my new triangle from when we get home.

We spent the early part of the afternoon back in Cortez where the girls swam while Molly and I had a couple drinks and relaxed outside. Then showered and headed back to Mancosso we’d be prompt for the start of the burro fiesta.

As soon as we got to town we noticed trucks with trailers full of burros begin pulling in as well. We browsed a couple more galleries, got some Najvajo fry bread, grabbed a drink at The Columbine, and at four sharp headed to the park for the start of the burro race.

I’d never been to a burro race before, so wasn’t quite sure what to expect. In fact, I didn’t even know whether the burros would be ridden or guided. One of the burro handlers, who was also our server at breakfast that morning, told me that the burros would be enticed around the course. He had secured a bunch of carrots to use as a bribe for his.

A burro being led

Each burro-guide pair was introduced to the crowd, complete with each burro’s life history. After the introductions were made the announcers asked the burros to line up in order of their assigned numbers at the start line. Burros aren’t particularly cooperative animals so although they were all near the start line, the order was actually more or less random.

Ready to run

It was explained that the course would be two laps around the park. On the first lap there would be obstecles to complete – a maze of trees, a narrow section, a photo booth, etc. The second lap would not require any stops for obstecles. Perhaps the best part was listening to the announcers trying to give a play by play of the race. They were having a lot of fun adding their commentary to proceedings.

The timer seemed to be the only person taking the event seriously

Once the race was over the burros took over Main Street. There was a burro packing demonstration and numberous artists creating various burro inspired works of art. Today was also the grand opening of the Mancos Common Press. They had created a burro print to tie in with the theme of the day and also raise money to support their new venture. Molly and I couldn’t resist buying one as our first piece of art for our new (not yet existant) home.

The press our print was made on as the black was about to be added.
Coming through with the last color complete

After dinner at Fencline Cidery Zoe and I dropped Molly and Ellie off at home. They decided they’d rather camp than sleep in actual beds. I don’t totally blame them, I’d rather be back there too, but the actual bed was pretty aluring. Plus someone had to pick up clean clothes for tomorrow!

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